Where are you from, but where do you live?

On speaking to many people here, well perhaps gossiping, would be the the better term, I have found out that there are over 120 of you that are from Begues, BCN, Spain, who have taken their Begues’ heart abroad. You, who have had the courage to leave your comfort zone and find new horizons in far aways countries (or not so far away).

I was shocked to know that, even if you are not currently here, you are not anoted for in Begues Town Hall, as if you didn’t exist, which I consider as a tremendous lack of respect towards you , yourselves. I am sure that your pride for home is first and foremost, sowing seeds of your culture wherever you are or go.

So, I would like to endeavour to get you back on the map, by giving the inhabitants of Begues, some insight as to where you live and your experiences.

Can’t wait to hear from you

Many thanks